• Interior, sitting area
  • Interior crows nest
  • Interior, a doll with a mask and heat
  • interior, jukebox and Budweiser ligting sign.
  • Exterior, Crowbar sign, and flag.
  • Exterior, imitation of a sailing boat with shields.

Established in 2010.

About us

Crow Bar is a friendly neighborhood bar on South Congress bringing you a comfortable and unique environment to enjoy our large selection of microbrews and our hand crafted cocktails. Our premium beer selection covers both bottled and draft beer and all our cocktails are made using fresh ingredients and real fruit. Well known for our rotating cocktails menu, we also offer mainstay cocktails we've become known for, like our Strawberry Lavender Lemonade, Bull Rider, Devil's Tongue, Summer Fling and Odin's Breath. Of course, with our quality liquor selection and creative bartenders, we can make you any drink of your choosing. Crow Bar is the place to go with a group of friends and grab a drink on our outdoor patio or play a round of pool. Crow Bar offers happy hour every day from 4-7 PM, so stop by after work or plan on spending the evening with us on the weekend. We look forward to welcoming you to Crow Bar, your new neighborhood meeting place.


After tending bar for over 20 years, Steve decided it was time to open his own place and make drinks his way. He wanted to be able to serve his customers drinks using fresh ingredients, utilizing seasons to determine what should be on his rotating drink list. Crow Bar is all about relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and locals.